Hourly Aerial HD Video On-Demand

Shoot Anywhere above LA, Anytime!

News gatherers, Documentarians, Police and Videographers have relied on IndieAerials' ability to get into the air quickly and with the finest and most cost-effective stabilized HD video platform in Los Angeles.

We offer a flat rate of $2,000 per hour, which includes the Pilot, Cineflex V14 HD system & camera operator, Aircraft, Fuel and also allows for one passenger under 180 pounds. The rear door can be removed for Passenger still photography as well. This configuration provides up to two hours of airborne endurance, without the need for refueling.

We utilize the Robinson R44 II aircraft, specially rated and configured for use of a nose mount to support the Cineflex V14 HD gyro head and camera. This is the only system of its kind in Los Angeles, providing the client with rapid, dependable and high quality stabilized video at a fraction of the cost of turbine powered aircraft.


Camera Sony HDC-1500
Sensor Type 3-CCD 2/3”
Effective Pixels 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frame Rates 1080/50i, 60i, 30P, 25P, 24P, 720/60P, 50P, NTSC/PAL
Built in Filters 1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/8ND, 4: 1/16ND, 5: 1/64ND


Fujinon HA42x13.5BERD
Minimum Focal Length 13.5mm - 39°07′ × 22°35′
Maximum Focal Length 570 mm - 0°58′ × 0°33′
Lens Speed 1:2.8


System Type 5-axis gyro-stabilized
Azimuth Coverage 360° Continuous
Elevation Coverage +20° to -195°
Roll Coverage +/- 45°
Slew Rate >55°/sec
Max Slew Acceleration 100°/sec2


Nose Mount STC FAA Supplemental Type Certificate #SR 02420AK


ProRes ProRes 4444 12-Bit RGB, ProRes 422
DPX Full Uncompressed DPX 10-Bit and 12-Bit
I/O 3G/6G-SDI Inputs. 3G-SDI Outputs
Monitoring 7.7" 1280x800 OLED Touchscreen Monitor
LUTs Built-in LUTs & Custom 3D LUT Support
Media Records to Convergent & Samsung SSDs


Maximum Camera/Gimbal Weight 100 pounds
Passengers 1 person under 180 lbs. in addition to pilot & operator.